Become a true Raanana

Opening Event

Wed 10 Nov 20:00

Hamitcham, Ra’anana

Join us for our opening event in our ten-session series to get an insider's look at how to succeed in Ra'anana.
If you've arrived in Israel in the last two years, come and see what we're all about.

Get it Right in Ra'anana is a collaboration between the Department for Immigration Absorption of the Ra'anana Municipality with ESRA & Gvahim - two established and well-known NGOs, who joined forces to provide olim with a single holistic solution. Together, we offer a one-stop-shop providing relevant opportunities and possibilities for olim to get and stay on track in their new home.

Explore Local Food - Tihiyu Briyim!

Ra'anana 8.12 Wed 19:00

Kabbalat Shabbat with Us

Hasharon 24.12 Fri 15:30

Tips to Get it Right Panel

Hamitcham, Ra'anana 25.1 Tues 20:00

How to Interview Like an Israeli

Hamitcham, Ra'anana 23.2 Wed 20:00

Vintage Shops Styling Fair

Ra'anana 29.3 Tues

Beach Cleanup

Ga'ash Beach 8.4 Fri

How to Validate your Business Idea in Israel

Hamitcham, Ra'anana 11.5 Wed 20:00

Feeling Personally SABABA in Israel

Hamitcham, Ra'anana 15.6 Wed 20:00

Wrap Up Party

Hamitcham, Ra'anana 13.7 Wed 20:00

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